I can’t help but smile to the point of almost tears when I feel my baby move around. Being able to feel it almost constantly is amazing & Joshua was able to feel the baby kick last night! We must have a strong one on our hands xo!

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Feeling your baby move for the first time is a feeling unlike any other and yes I cried. Currently playing ADTR on repeat because every since I turned them on it’s been constant movement~~

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Finally agree on Baby Weaver’s name:

Boy: Riley Jacob
Girl: Ava Grace

So happy, a little over 5 months until my precious gift arrives.

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So I’m having a birth photographer when I go into labor. I’ve decided I want to do an unassisted natural water birth.

Is it weird that I really want our photographer to get a picture of my placenta? Really when you think about it, that placenta is what grew your child, feed your child and I think it’s pretty bad ass.

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15 weeks

Dear Peanut:

Mommys tummy is starting to grow, and she had a dream last night that you were a baby girl. We went to have a 4D ultrasound in my dream and you looked absolutely perfect. We love you so much and we’re all so excited to meet you.

Keep growing, keep getting strong, and we all pray you come into this world as healthy as can be. I love you xoxo!

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All I wanted was the world, all you wanted was me
-3 AM, Chiodos

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We’re finding out the gender in a few weeks and we’ve been throwing around a few boys names (We aren’t really agreeing on anything lol) but we haven’t discussed any girl names.

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97/280: Took my belly ring out, love the look of my bare belly. Doctors appointment today, always love checking up on my peanut ❤️☺️
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